Cheese Cloth


The ever-popular and indispensable cheesecloth! This versatile cloth is made from unbleached 100% organic cotton, a natural fiber known for its fineness. Our food-grade cheese cloth is a high-quality tool for any kitchen. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, cheesecloth is a must-have for various tasks. Use it to: Strain liquids: Make velvety smooth broths, yogurt, or nut milk. Clarify butter: Remove impurities for a richer, cleaner taste. Wrap cheese: Store and age your homemade cheese like a pro. Infuse oils and vinegars: Add subtle flavors to your favorite recipes. Baste and dust: Achieve even browning and prevent splatters. Clean up spills: Absorb liquids and delicate surfaces without leaving a trace.

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Product Specifications

  • Size: 180cm x 90cm
  • 100% Cotton


  • This cheese cloth has hundreds of uses
  • Perfect for straining
  • Ideal when making cheese
  • Can also be used for Jam, Tofu Ghee
  • Also to make herb/spice bags for cooking
  • Can also be used for general house cleaning

Custom Made Products

We also make custom made printed products in different sizes to suit different client needs. Clients can have their logo printed on products to best represent their brands and companies.