Carcass Bags


Keeping your meat and lamb fresh is key, and that's where Ansari Corporation comes in. As a top-tier producer of Cotton & mixed cotton stockinette Meat Bags, we use the finest yarns to craft the perfect wrap for your lamb, goat, pork, kebab, beef, or venison. We're proud of our meticulous process and strict quality checks, because your meat deserves the best.

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Our Products

S.No Product Code Raw Material Usage Width
(Perfect size of meat industry)
1 AC-500 Cotton Stockinette Rolls Mutton cloth stockinette meat wrap bags are traditionally made from cotton.Our cotton-made plain stockinette cover bags are best suited for small to medium animal carcasses, fish storage and other Processed meat. 28c to 30cm in a
relaxed state.

Our Stockinetter mutton cloth wraps can be stertched up to 3 times wide (about 90cm in diameter or 180cm in circumference)
2 AC-600 Stockinette Rolls used in the meat industry and give added stretch Which is a big benefit when fitting large carcasses. They are used for meat stored in colder conditions and comes in white-color appearance.

Custom Made Products

We also make custom made printed products in different sizes to suit different client needs. Clients can have their logo printed on products to best represent their brands and companies.